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Jadwal Tayang Drama Korea Dan Tv Series


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Monday-Tuesday (Apr 6-7)
When the Weather is Fine 11-12 (JTBC)
Nobody Knows 11-12 (SBS)
365: Repeat the Year 9-12 (MBC)
A Piece of Your Mind 5-6 (tvN)
How to Buy a Friend 1-4 (KBS)
Wednesday-Thursday (Apr 8-9)
Memorist 9-10 (tvN)
Find Me in Your Memory 13-16 (MBC)
Meow, the Secret Boy 9-12 (KBS)
Hospital Playlist 5 (tvN)
Friday-Sunday (Apr 10-12)
Hyena 15-16 (SBS)
The World of the Married 5-6 (JTBC)
Eccentric! Chef Moon 5-6 (Channel A)
Hi Bye, Mama! 13-14 (tvN)
Rugal 5-6 (OCN)
Once Again 9-12 (KBS)